Rigging Helicopter Lifts NYC

When it comes to rigging helicopter lifts NYC construction managers trust PMM Cranes. As we say seeing is believing. We have the experience and know how to secure and transport your assets to destinations that are not easily accessible by road or rail.

In certain situations, ground-based cranes are lacking in sufficient boom to achieve access to some of New York’s tallest buildings and structures. PMM Cranes offers helicopter lift solutions and support for an array of heavy lift and construction projects in New York City.

Whether for heavy lifting support for HVAC installation and/or removal, there’s no better resource in New York City than PMM Cranes.

Helicopters are uniquely designed to benefit a wide variety of industrial applications. Not only are they powerful, but they are fast and versatile. Heavy lift helicopters are ideal in the precision placement of items, in the movement of heavy or outsized equipment and in the transport of materials for construction and development. Often heavy lift operations require the use of specialty helicopters called air cranes as a means of delivering supplies to New York City skyscrapers and high rise buildings, as well as to remote locations such as in the installation of towers. Helicopters are the best resource to adequately construct communications towers or lift heavy objects. The helicopter application most often requested is in the placement of HVAC units and adapter curves to the tops of high-rise buildings. Helicopter cranes have proven to be more effective than ground cranes in remote locations as well as in areas that are inaccessible due to transportation patterns.

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of using helicopters for your construction and/or heavy lift objectives, is that they can access almost any destination. Our pilots are uniquely qualified to handle the elements, while PMM Cranes delivers the logistics support that will exceed your expectations.

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