Job Site Planning

PMM Cranes prides itself on providing the best in class job site planning NYC project managers demand. Whether it’s pick and carry for 30,000 pound generators or 19,000 pound Commercial Air Conditioning units, PMM offers job site planning and rigging diagrams to ensure proper execution on site. Everything starts with reviewing plans, performing a site survey complete with imaging services, as well as a detailed hazard and Risk Assessment.

PMM Cranes uses the the latest technology to plan a safe and successful lifting project. From pulling permits to trucking and heavy hauling and critical lift plans, we leverage decades of experience to get the job done safely and on time. We go above and beyond traditional surveying techniques. We’ll identify any issues above and below ground including with crane alignment to insure a safe lift.

In this way, PMM Cranes is able to head off site safety hazards, as well as advise on potential risks to personnel, equipment and operations. Our experienced staff will provide recommendations on how to make any pick and carry job as safe as possible. PMM Cranes project managers will begin with an inspection of the site. Afterwards we will being the consultation process including with all persons involved in the work such as the principal contractor, crane hirer, energy suppliers, employer, dogman, spotter, site foreman and crane operator.

PMM Cranes Master Rigger NYC 43
PMM Cranes Master Rigger NYC aerial
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